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January 17, 2008

Theme Park Survival Guide: Lost Kids

Confession: I once lost my best friend's nine-year-old at Universal Studios. He stopped at a kiosk with stuff designed to make kids stop. In seconds we were separated in a crowd of thousands. Fortunately, my best friend still talks to me because I'd given the kids instructions ahead of time—and quizzed them until they begged me to stop.

We had arranged a just-in-case meeting spot by the park entrance. If lost, they were to go into a store and ask a person behind a counter for help, or stop a uniformed park employee (we studied the uniforms on arrival). My friend's son had listened. He and a uniformed guard found us within 15 minutes. I was heading to Guest Services, where parents report missing kids and where found kids are taken. Over the years, readers with young children have offered other suggestions, including:
>> Have kids wear identical brightly colored hats for easier spotting in a crowd.
>> Have kids wear identical (brightly colored) T-shirts; when asked what a lost child is wearing, you'll know.
>> Put a card in your child's pocket with your name, hotel name, and cell phone or hotel number.

If you have more suggestions, send us an email or post them in the comments section below. Also, read's "Theme Park Survival Guide" for more useful advice about getting the most out of your trip to the lands of roller coasters (and long lines).

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