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February 03, 2009

SeaWorld Orlando: Much More than Shamu

Walkabout Waters at Aquatica water park in Orlando (courtesy, SeaWorld Orlando)

Disney World and Universal might get much of the acclaim, but if you’re headed to Orlando this winter, you might want to check out what’s been happening lately at Sea World.  Last March, SeaWorld Orlando opened Aquatica, the first major water park in Orlando since Disney World’s Blizzard Beach in 1995. Bring the kids to take the Dolphin Plunge, and then go on a far mellower ride, like the Lazy River, to spot the real dolphins.  Or go for a spin down Tassie's Twisters or let the little ones climb around the multilevel water playground, Walkabout Waters.  This coming summer, SeaWorld will unveil a new roller coaster just inside the main entrance called the Manta.  Strapped face down in a horizontal position, you'll glide like a manta ray as you sweep above the park in this flying ride. Just make sure to check the website for vacation packages before you go so you can get a good deal on a place to get some rest after all the fun.

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You have to believe this that Orlando Seaworld followed by Disney World remains the number one destination for my entire family spread in all corners of the globe. There is not a single person in the clan who has not done this nor waiting to do it again. That's the charm of the place - kids just love it.

Thanks, Alison, for checking in!

Great post,

I agree there's much more to Sea World Florida than Shamu.

I am a roller coaster fan and cannot wait to try the new Manta ride that just opened it looks awesome! Kraken is still really good too. It is the fastest, longest and tallest of all the Florida roller coasters - gotta give Kraken a try!

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