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March 17, 2009

Top Ten Cheap Beach Vacations

By awayblog

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SUN AND SAND FOR LESS: Outer Banks, North Carolina (Bill Russ/courtesy, North Carolina Tourism)

Warm weather is so close you can... almost... taste it. Unfortunately for many of us in these northern parts (or those not blessed enough to live in California), spring's still not quite here yet, and if you're itching to ditch the coats and hats, don't feel guilty about wanting to plan a beach vacation. With these top ten affordable beach destinations, you'll be able to dig your toes into the sand, catch some rays, afford lodging nicer than a hostel, and still have some cash left over for a few celebratory cocktails. Because, after all, you're no longer staring longingly at the beach calendar pinned up in your cubicle—you're on vacation and you didn't have to take out a second mortgage to do it! Let us know of any budget beach spots we've missed, or tell us if we're spot on with these picks:

Top Ten Cheap Beach Vacations
10. Destin, Florida
9. Outer Banks, North Carolina
8. Huntington Beach, California
7. Cape Ann, Massachusetts
6. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
5. Negril, Jamaica
4. Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil
3. Placencia, Belize
2. Tulum, Mexico
1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

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If you are looking for cheap ideas for your next families vacation you should check out i was surprised to find a site that offered so much for free! Its a great resource everyone who is planning a family vacation should use!

Who would have guessed Oregon would have been in the top 10 beach hotel vacations. Amazing.

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