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August 04, 2009

Dumpling Man: East Village Neighborhood Restaurant

By Karen Chen

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Believe me when I say a really delicious dumpling is hard to come by. (I've had horrible to mediocre ones everywhere, including in Shanghai and various Chinatowns around the world.) Luckily for me, my mom perfected the recipe decades ago.  But as much as I love her dumplings, she admittedly doesn't make her own dough.  Dumpling Man, a small restaurant in New York City's East Village, apparently does the traditional Chinese dish justice—or even one better, with the owner claiming people have praised his dumplings as even tastier than those in the motherland.  These small locally-owned restaurants are just the types of establishments that give neighborhoods like the East Village their flair and personality.  Although I've never been to this dumpling diner, this video definitely intrigued me, and I'll definitely have to try it out next time I'm in the Big Apple.

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I think I'll have to check this place out. Maybe it'll give my wife a break from making dumplings at home (she makes really good ones).

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