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November 23, 2009

The Dirty on In-Flight WiFi

By Lacy Morris

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THE SKY'S NO LIMIT: Businessman and child on plane (Photodisc/Getty)

Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry, iPhone, WiFi… we’re a society obsessed with staying connected. Keeping in touch online is everywhere, and the sky is no longer the limit. Airlines are quickly putting WiFi on their in-flight menus, making “I was 30,000 feet in the air” an outdated excuse to your boss. Most major airlines will be offering WiFi on a selection of their fleet by 2010.  Although it is new technology and still in the testing mode, there is already the ubiquitous bad apple. Flight attendants and fellow passengers are voicing outrage and the need for Internet filters to block questionable material from being viewed in such close proximity to others. Some need to be reminded that they are going to Dallas, not watching Debbie do it. As quickly as airlines raced to be the first to unearth mile-high WiFi, they are installing filters to stop the viewing of any material that could be deemed non-cabin friendly; both Delta and American, along with numerous others, have already done so. However, not all airlines plan on filtering what can be viewed on their aircraft, maintaining that what your seatmate chooses to do with their time is strictly their choice. Virgin America, which has decided not to filter what can be viewed, is the poster child for this argument. Instead, the WiFi customers aboard these flights are asked to adhere to the terms of service that are listed upon purchase, which prohibit certain online activities. If ignored, it is left to the flight attendant or the rule-breaker's fellow travelers to cry foul.

What do you think, personal choice or inappropriate? Should in-flight WiFi be filtered? Tell us your thoughts.

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This is perfect! So now I can twitter about how uncomfortable the seats are and how dry the sandwich bread is!! Finally, my prayers have been answered.

Maybe they should focus on flying me somewhere on time. Now that would be impressive!

Well if they start offering WiFi, maybe they should start putting electric plugs in every seat.

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