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December 22, 2009

Cool Gadget: Nikon Lens Simulator

By Lacy Morris

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Nikon The masterminds behind Nikon released a web-based lens simulator that allows you to test drive the lens and camera body before purchase. Start with choosing your camera, either FX formats (D3x, D3, and D700) or DX formats (D90, D300s, D5000, D3000s). Then you can choose a lens you are interested in (wide-angle, telephoto, macro, etc.) or slide a toggle bar to view anything from 10mm to 600mm. Previewing focal lengths will help in purchasing the lens that best suits your needs. You can also test out different sensor formats and change your angle of view. Check it out on the Nikon website.

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thanks for the info. i am shopping for a new camera and lens, so that will be super helpful.

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