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February 01, 2010

The Coastal Challenge: Route of Fire

By Guest Blogger

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Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica, Erika Lloyd
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica (Erika Lloyd)

Editor's note: blogger Ty Stevens is keeping us, and you, posted on his epic race through coastal Costa Rica, jungle and all. His first post is below. Check back often for updates on the race and the sights and sounds of Costa Rica.

My resolution in 2010: fruition. 

The first commitment: to complete The Coastal Challenge, a six-day foot race covering 200k+ of exotic and varied Costa Rican countryside. This epic event is hosted by TCC Adventures & Expeditions, an adventure travel company that offers a variety of purpose-driven adventure events in Costa Rica, Panama, and Bolivia. Its mission is to inspire authentic adventure and discovery through some of the most breathtaking, remote, and challenging running routes in the world. 

For me this challenge extends beyond a test of running 200k, a big first already. It is the experience of Costa Rica, which includes the community that develops around a shared sense of discovery and purpose, the exploration of self within the purest elements of nature, and ultimately a sense of completion.Ty Stevens-Costa Rica

The terrain will vary through the week as we experience dense jungle forests, dry country roads, rock outcroppings along the coastline, collectively over 30k of mountain elevation, and a final day of misty beach running along the Pacific Ocean. I expect many challenges and obstacles to overcome along the way—let's call them "opportunities."

TCC Adventures offer many opportunities, in many unusual and beautiful locations for runners, adventure enthusiasts, or anyone looking for exploration and an experience that may change their perspective, or strengthen their belief that all is possible.

The Coastal Challenge "Route of Fire," is TCC Adventures signature and longest standing event, taking place from January 31 to February 5. We set off from La Fortuna ascending Cerro Chato Volcano, predecessor to the neighboring and very active Arenal Volcano.

I look forward to this journey with my new global community of friends and adventurers as we explore Costa Rica. Stay tuned as I blog midweek and at the completion of the course...when our goal of finishing The Coastal Challenge comes to fruition.

Pura Vida,
Ty Stevens

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For those looking to plan and independent adventure to Arenal Volcano including the adventure from Arenal to Monteverde.

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