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April 26, 2010

Share Your Travel Advice and Win a Free Flight Voucher!

By awayblog

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Calling all travelers! Your fellow readers need your travel advice. Visit our newly launched Travelers' Corner to browse hundreds of reader-submitted travel questions for trips that they're planning to destinations throughout the world. From the best romantic hideaways in the Caribbean to family-friendly road trips through the Rockies to advice on traveling by train in Italy, our readers need guidance—and who better to offer that guidance than our experienced, world-roving posse of readers. And to thank you for your wise words, we'll be awarding four flight vouchers to the four best user-submitted answers over the next 12 months! (Some conditions apply; CLICK HERE to download the official contest rules.)

So whether you're able to dish the local dirt on the best places to see, stay, and eat in your hometown, or you're a globetrotting adventurer and can dispense some of your hard-earned travel insights for places near and far, our readers (and would love to hear from you. Click the links below to find out about our first two lucky winnners!

Winner #1: Courtenay O., Florida
Winner #2: Cristina W., Washington, D.C.
Winner #3: Sue M, Illinois
Winner #4: Deadline for entries April 22, 2011; winner to be announced on or around April 26.

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Am I too late for this travel blog content? Would like to participate.. :)

My recommendation? Skip the hotel and upgrade to a condo. I used [or you can go to]. Great alternative!

When your traveling to unfamiliar places never go out along, take tours with expert guides or have someone with you if you dont want to go on a guided tour and keep a fully working and charged cell phone handy. Also, get maps of the immediate area your want to explore and gain some familiarity of the places you want to visit. If your going on any outings or excursions, jot down a brief itinerary of your daily activites and leave it in your room in case of an emergency.

Be sure to leave color copies of your passport with two people before you leave for any trip out of your home country. You may need them to get back into the country if your original is lost. Also, be aware of the consulate location.

Have a GPS system and check with the Tennessee Tourism Bureau as to what is open after the 2010 flood. As os this date 8/27/2010 both the mall and Gaylords hotel are closed. The Grand O'Oprey is not open.

Did Panama City, Florida get ruined by the spill?

When taking a cruise, even with short travel time, it is best to arrive the day before and get rested so you can enjoy the first day of cruising and not be too tired.

Watch for tourist traps. Travel on the roads less travelled. Avoid the popular 'hot spots' like big name cities. Most of the time, the jewels of the world (best times, most beautiful spots, and the better value) is off the beaten path. This is the best if you are seeking to be relaxed and secluded. Some of the most awesome places are not always advertised! Good luck in your travels! And most of all, have fun!

love florida and the caribbean area

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