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July 28, 2010

The Perfect Summer Shorts

Karl Hiking, cycling, or just stomping down a dirt road in Southeast Asia, the Karl from Fjall Raven should be your go-to option for shorts. Constructed from proprietary G-1000 fabric, an ultra-durable mix of cotton and poly that the company founder first discovered when he fashioned a climbing jacket out of tent fabric, the Karl offers a heady mix of all the right features: wind resistance, water repellency, superior breathability, and UV-protection in a slightly stiff, lightweight package.  In addition to the four traditional pockets (two up front, two in the back), the Karl has a snap-closure cargo pocket on the right; a narrow, open tool slot; and a hidden zippered cargo hold on the left leg. And if you anticipate truly extreme weather, the shorts also come with a small cube of Greenland Wax, a combo of paraffin and bees wax the stalwart Swedish company has used to strengthen their garments since 1966. The application is simple (rub on a thin layer, then melt the wax into the fabric with a hair dryer), and its durability has been proven for decades—so they’ll definitely get you through the dog days of summer.

The shorts are available in Fjall Raven's NYC store (262 Mott Street;  open Monday-Sunday, 11 to 8) or by calling 212-226-7846

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