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August 04, 2010

Cruising the Mediterranean with GaySail

By Guest Blogger

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Croatia, Istria, Rovinj, dusk - Digital Visions73091426
Rovinj, Croatia (Digital Vision)

My flight arrived Saturday afternoon in Dubrovnik, and an hour later I was on board the yacht that would be my home for the next week. The skipper welcomed me on board, offered a drink, and showed me my cabin. The other guests, a British couple and three single guys from the Netherlands and Germany, soon arrived. As I am not a sailor, I felt more at ease when the skipper patiently explained what to expect on-board of a sailing yacht. The sailing itinerary for the next week along the Dalmatian Coast would be a leisurely tour along some of the more remote islands of Croatia.

But first we started with a walk on the rampart of the ancient fortress of Dubrovnik. I was amazed by the wonderful view that I had on these walls: red rooftops, churches, squares, a maze of narrow streets, and, beyond that, the Adriatic Sea twinkling. The next morning we set sail to Miljet, a long green island that doubles as a national park. How pleasant it was with the sun shining, a light breeze, and the gentle rocking of the yacht. All the guys were now laying on deck, relaxing while the yacht was finding its way through the Adriatic. We dropped anchor halfway in a secluded bay for a swim and lunch, which turned out to be quite a gourmet experience, but what else would you expect with eight gay men aboard a yacht. Once on Miljet, we rented bikes and rode through the national park on our way to see the ancient monastery.

The following day we sailed on to Lastavo. Again en route we had a great lunch and a wonderful spot for swimming...this quickly became a daily routine. It feels so tranquil not to arrive somewhere by car but instead by a yacht that moves so slowly and comfortably. The whole crew went to explore the island; by now we had become a happy clan that did everything together. Lastavo is not very touristy, which allowed for a crowd-free hike with amazing views over the water and valley where the main town lays. The local diner on the islands is meat, fish, and vegetables roasted over an outdoor fireplace. With diner I had a few glasses of a tasty local wine and a nice talk with my yacht mates.

Between the islands, the skipper dropped anchor for the night in the bay of an uninhabited island. Our yacht was totally alone in the bay, and we explored the island, cooked dinner on board, had a night swim, and watched the stars. The next morning met us with a dive in the water before breakfast. What a feeling of freedom! On the way to the island Vis, we visited the blue caves on a nearby island. Aboard a dinghy, we motored into a small opening which led to the cave. Completely dark, the spectacular blue colors in the cave caused by the sunlight that came from under the water shone a spectacular bright hue.

After Vis and the mundane island Hvar, the last stop was Trogir, a medieval town that has found itself placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It was the perfect place for a last dinner with the guys.

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Read more about the sailing itineraries of GaySail, see  pictures of previous trips, and find travel dates. GaySail organizes sailing weeks for gay men in Croatia, Greece, and the Caribbean. 

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