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August 03, 2010

Ask the Experts: Christmas Vacation Destinations

Providenciales in Turks and Caicos is just one of the destinations our experts have their eye on for the holidays (Greg Dale/National Geographic/Getty Images)

It may be hot enough outside to fry an egg on the sidewalk, but across the country people are slinking back into their air-conditioned offices after summer getaways and wondering where they're going to escape to next. You could start digging into those 9,500 unread emails, but we at the Away Network suggest you cure the post-vacay blues by looking into Christmas vacation destinations instead. To help, we polled some of our office mates and the travel writers and editors who contribute to our network on where they're thinking about going this holiday season. Here are their responses, along with links to some photo galleries, travel guides, and articles with more info on these Christmas vacation destinations. Happy hunting!

Where do you want to go for YOUR next vacation? Let us know in the comments section.

“My sister and I are contemplating a Christmas cruise. In the likely event that falls through, I will probably just fly to Florida where she lives and hide from the snow in the sunny Florida Keys.” –Lacy Morris, blog editor

Chile. Or South Africa. (Coin flip.)” –Will Palmer, managing editor at Outside Magazine

“I’m a sucker for festive wintry destinations—I have fond memories of visiting Christmas markets in Vienna and parading through the streets with a local marching band in a small Irish town for New Year’s. One place I’d love to go is Copenhagen, where I could ice skate, wear scarves, and curl up with mulled wine, enjoying what the Danes call “hygge” (a sort of untranslate-able peaceful coziness with family and friends).” Cameron Walker, travel writer and Family Travel expert

“First would be heliskiing in British Columbia with Snowwater, because that would be the best present I could ever give myself. Second would be diving in the South Pacific—specifically Palau, where WWII planes sit pristine in shallow water. But I may go skiing with my family in Utah at the Canyons (which seldom gets that crowded, even during peak season), provided my sis lets me strap my one-year-old niece to my back for a few green runs.” –Nathan Borchelt, editor

“I’ve always thought spending Christmas in Jerusalem, would be mystical and transcendent. My family in Southern California would kill me to be away from them for the holidays, although I did spend one Christmas in the Muslim country of Mali in Africa, which was sublime.” -Matt Link, travel writer and LGBT and Beach expert

“As usual, I'll be spending the pre-post Christmas holidays in the Caribbean. The weather will be fantastic, some resorts will be offering discounts and packages to draw visitors, and I can pick up gifts duty-free. This year, I'm planning to be in the Turks and Caicos early in December and move on to Puerto Rico by mid-month. I'll be in the Virgin Islands for the New Year's celebrations. If a cruise fits my itinerary ... great. Otherwise, I'll island hop by air and ferry. Since my new iTunes app came out (Puerto Rico On Your Own), I've been encouraging readers to take a passport-free trip there. The island has fixed up a lot in the past year or two, air/sea travel is frequent and affordable from many U.S. gateway cities, and there are some fantastic new resorts such as W, on Vieques; the new Sheraton at the San Juan Convention Center; and the St. Regis Bahia Beach, which should open in time for the holidays/winter season near El Yunque National Forest.” –Lynne Sullivan, Caribbean travel writer and Parks expert

Click here for more ideas for great Christmas vacation destinations.

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I have one Christmas vacation destination. Visit middle European country named Slovakia. There are high mountains too. Winter sports can be managed with no problem. Visit my site where you can see tourist possibilities in Low Tatras mountains.

Me and my friends so excited to visit any interesting destination to enjoy again Christmas vacation this year........Could you suggest where we can visit ???????

Merry Christmas to you all from me.

Turkey is a land of myth, a cradle of civilizations, a canvas of nature's most aesthetic bounties & a confluence of varied streams of culture. Owing to its favourable position, Turkey is the bridging nation between the East & West (Europe & Asia) & therefore boasts a spicy blend of oriental & modern, splendor & sleekness, which makes diversity its other name. In Turkey every visitor can find something for themselves. The world class cuisine, vibrant cities, warm hospitality, recreational facilities, historical attractions, cultural heritage & an unparallel natural beauty make Turkey an irresistible holiday destination for independent or group travelers...

Some friends and I rented a house in the south of Nicaragua this Christmas. 2 weeks of surfing, eating, drinking and a general good time will do us all good! :)

Sunday River features 131 trails spread across eight interconnected mountain peaks, each offering a distinct experience. Sunday River has the most advanced snowmaking system in the East offering enthusiasts never-ending challenging fun.

If I could escape on vacation this winter, I'd go right back to where I went last year for the holidays: the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, specifically the outskirts of Puerto Viejo. I mean, why mess with a good thing?

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