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September 01, 2010

Away Blog's Travel Book Club

By Lacy Morris

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As summer dwindles and the sun-intense days are replaced with crisp autumn nights, I frantically start stockpiling books to last me through my months of hibernation—especially now that I’ve moved away from Denver, where life just begins to churn out adventures when the first snow hits the ground. I’ve packed up my ski boots and traded them in for the prez's hometown, a gig as the editor of this fine blog, and a fancy new bookshelf, the kind that doubles as wall art. And as a way to keep the travel bug from biting between now and my next dream vacay, I read. I read guidebooks with lists of the best places to swing a hammock, quirky travel memoirs with first-person accounts on what it's really like to sleep on a hut-housed bed mat, books about the places I have to see before I die, and "find yourself" narratives, you know, like the little book that could, Eat, Pray, Love. (The folks at Outside Magazine seem to agree, check out #28 on their 2010 Life List.) And with a page torn out from Oprah's Book of Truths, I'm starting a Travel Book Club. Each month I'll choose a book, travel-related of course, and share with you. 

LGbook First up is the sleeper hit The Lost Girls: Three Friends, Four Continents, One Unconventional Detour Around the World, outlining the itineraries of a trio who quit their jobs, their leases, and their boyfriends in the good ole Big Apple to travel the world for a year. What started out as a blog to keep the family back at home informed of their $30/day adventures turned into a Harper Collins mega-selling travel memoir. Join me and our three friends, Jennifer, Holly, and Amanda, as they trek the globe, searching, running, and seeking for answers to some of lives most perplexing questions. The book has collected quite a few accolades, including a stellar review in USA Today.


Where to Buy:
Harper Collins
Inkwood Books
Bigger Books


*The Lost Girls themselves have sent me two copies to give away to two of the most unique book club participants. Leave a comment to this post with your dream lost girls (or boys) itinerary. If you could take a year off from your life, where would you go and what would you do—tell me in 200 words or less. Authors Jennifer, Holly, and Amanda will choose their favorite two dreamers to receive books in time to begin reading with the Away Book Club.

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I'm glad you're enjoying the book, Maria. And for those of you who are waiting for the giveaway, today is the last weekday to leave your dream Lost Girls getaway here in the comment section. The two winners will be announced on Monday, September 20.

I started reading The Lost Girls last night, and I literally don't want to put it down. I'm only on Chapter 6 but this is an amazing story and it's so inspiring! I know I'm going to be very sad when this book is over. Great choice!

I just ordered my book! I'm really looking forward to reading this. I have been looking for a good "Travel Book Club" for awhile thank you!


I would love to travel around the world. I like to spend one year or more in one country, then I would like print a book about countries all over the world.
Caribbean Resorts

I would love to travel and go to different places around the world. It's my dream of being able to travel and see the different sights in the world. Hopefully, I would find time and treat myself for a travel vacation.

As an almost 71yr old retired school teacher, I would travel to some of the places that I have read and taught about in my 33yrs of teaching high school. I'd start in New England with the Salem witch trials,
go to the South of To Kill a Mockingbird on to CA of the Gold Rush. From there to Mitchner's Hawaii; the Tahiti of The Bounty; Australia of The Thorn Birds; China of The Good Earth; the Holy Land of the Bible; Russia of Nicholas and Alexandra; England of Shakespear; Ireland of Oscar Wilde;the South Pole of March of the Penguins. If time permitted, I'd end my journey by touring the US by motor home with the love of my life and my dog.

I would ride horses in all of the countries on my list. I might start with a few guided tours, but the best way would be to take a map and a couple of really good horses and go explore the countryside, immersing myself in the landscape and the culture. Some of the countries I want to ride in are: Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Iceland, Ireland, France, Turkey, Estonia, Morocco, Kenya, New Zealand and Australia. Time permitting, I would also ride part of the Silk Road, this is an incredibly long trail but the best way to see it is from horseback or camel. Horses give you the opportunity to explore places that are not easily accessible to many people and the heartbeat of a region is often found in these remote areas. Plus, horseback riding is my favorite thing to do and I would love to take a year long absence from the rest of my life to ride and explore.

I wouldn't take a year OFF from my life; I would cram my life INTO that year!
I would take my two girls, age 10 and 12, and ask them to open their minds and imagine what they would like to see and do.
Then I would sit down and plot out several different kid-friendly adventures we could all take together. We've been to Disney; now I'm talkin' the REAL thing!
For instance, one of my girls is fascinated by elephants; let's go to India or Thailand or Africa, see where the elephants really live!
Another loves dolphins and whales; we'd go to the west coast of Canada to observe them in the wild, or maybe Australia... that's my dream destination. I've always wanted to meet real kangaroos!

Thanks for all the interesting dream trips so far! I'll stop taking entries for the free Lost Girls Giveaway on September 19, so sumbit your comments now! I look forward to reading them.

my all time favorite is gulliver's travel.. seriously :D

If I had a year off, I would go to all the places on my bucket list. Some of those include a hiking trip around Lake Atitlan, sailing the Greek Isles, hiking the Inca Trail, visiting Turkey and the Holy Land, Marrakesh, South Africa, Alaska, Hong Kong, following the Silk Road, hiking and fishing in Scotland, New Zealand (especially the south island). Could I do justice to all that in a year? I would give it my best shot

Wow, this is something everyone dreams of. I think if I had a year to travel I would want to spend it following food. Hit every continent and sample some of the best dishes the world has to offer. Sushi in Japan, steak in Argentina, curries in India, som tum in Thailand... Maybe after I could do like Jennifer, Holly, and Amanda and turn my travels into a book, a cookbook! I'm excited just thinking about it.

I have a fascination with the stories of the lost island of Atlantis, and I would spend my year following the myths and theories to try to find it. I would follow the myths and folklore, just like Heinrich Schliemann did to find the remains of Troy and prove its existence. I'd begin in Greece, where Plato lived. Then follow his account to Egypt. From there, I would go to Mexico or South America, following another theory linking the ancient Egyptians to the Mayans.

I would love to spend a year in my family's village in China teaching ESL and in return learning about our roots. Last time I was there in 1998, there was barely electricity and our house still cooked with charcoal or wood and well water. But we had finally added a toilet!

I would travel in Central and South America. I would start with somewhere I've never been - Belize, and work my way south making sure to see the cloud forest in Costa Rica, the Panama Canal. I would head south on the west side of South America. I would see the Galapagos Islands. In Peru, I would hike the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. Then I would continue south to ski in the Andes. I would continue south to the South Pole. Then if I still had time, I would make my way back up the east coast of South America and spend some time along the Amazon.

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