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September 22, 2010

Romancing the World: Book Club Giveaway Winners Announced

By Lacy Morris

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Adventure vacations wouldn't be around without the dreamers who think them up. Just like the lost girls themselves, our readers wrote in telling us what exactly they would do if they could pack up and hit the road for a year abroad. We got everything from riding horses in every country, writing a cookbook, and skiing the Andes. Narrowing had to be done, and two winners emerged. Congrats to Elizabeth from Texas and Janet from Pennsylvania for noodling up two itineraries worthy of a daydreamers wasted hour. To reward their wondering minds, we are sending them a copy of this month's travel book club selection, The Lost Girls. Their responses follow:

"As an almost 71-year-old retired school teacher, I would travel to some of the places that I have read and taught about in my 33 years of teaching high school. I'd start in New England with the Salem witch trials; go to the South of To Kill a Mockingbird, on to CA of the Gold Rush. From there to Michener's Hawaii; the Tahiti of The Bounty; Australia of The Thorn Birds; China of The Good Earth; the Holy Land of the Bible; Russia of Nicholas and Alexandra; England of Shakespeare; Ireland of Oscar Wilde; the South Pole of March of the Penguins. If time permitted, I'd end my journey by touring the U.S. by motor home with the love of my life and my dog."

-Janet, Pennsylvania

"I have a fascination with the stories of the lost island of Atlantis, and I would spend my year following the myths and theories to try to find it. I would follow the myths and folklore, just like Heinrich Schliemann did to find the remains of Troy and prove its existence. I'd begin in Greece, where Plato lived. Then follow his account to Egypt. From there, I would go to Mexico or South America, following another theory linking the ancient Egyptians to the Mayans."

-Elizabeth, Texas

Keep an eye out for our next book selection announcement on October 1 for another chance to win your own free copy.    

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