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October 01, 2010

Travel Book Club: The Black Nile

By Lacy Morris

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In The Black Nile, investigative journalist Dan Morrison recounts his journey from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea following the history-laden Nile River on a plank-board boat. Morrison and a childhood friend travel 3,600 miles and six months as they navigate through an area that is no stranger to war, and new discoverers of peace—sometimes terrifying, sometimes humorous, and sometimes truly life-changing. Join me on a trip down the longest river in the world.

BlackNile Where to Buy:
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Indie Bound
Powell's Books


Leave a comment to this post sharing your most extreme travel experience in 200 words or less. Twenty-three hours on a bus through a desert in Pakistan with escaped Taliban prisoners? Woken in a hostel with machine-gun rounds being fired outside your window? The winner will receive a free copy of The Black Nile to read with the Away Travel Book Club. Winner will be announced October 18.

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Will recommend this book to my friends. Knowing the traveling experience from the above commentators is very useful.

Rafting on the Nile book reviews by foreign travel for the most romantic thing. Wind power is his only motive power !

At my first trip at Nile,The plane set foot on African soil, at 6 pm local time, giving the impression that the first impression scorching heat waves, everything is hand touched the hot. Habits of the people to stay in the south, have felt the heat hard to accept.

Good book. I can't go anywhere travelling without a book to read. Waiting for the flight, bus or train is painful without a book to read

While working for an airline, we used to play a scavenger hunt game called "FLY 100". This game required both boarding passes and an item collected from each city. I won an award for the most flights in one day when after work on Friday evening I flew from Kansas City to Seattle via St. Louis In Seattle, I took the Super Shuttle to the Space Needle to get the required item - a jigsaw puzzle of the Space Needle. When I called for pick-up, they told me that they couldn't accomodate me that night, even though I was told that I could just call for pick-up when I got on the shuttle to the Space Needle. A taxi driver took pitty on me and turned off the meter before we reached the airport. I was able to get on the red-eye flight to Mineappolis. At the Mineappolis airport, I snagged another scavenger hunt item, a photo of the downtown skyline. From Mineappolis, I took a flight to Milwaukee and was able to get the newspaper needed from that location. I was back on the flight as it turned around for Mineappolis. From there I took a flight to Louisville. I was able to get the shot glass I needed at the airport. I then flew from Louisville to Memphis to Kansas City. It's been a while back, so I don't quite remember, but I may have actually gone from Minneapolis to Indianapolis to Louisville, before heading home to Kansas City. I made it home and went to work that Sat. night for my shift of watching the computers as we cut over NWA to the PARS reservation system that night.

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