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December 15, 2010

There's an App for Family Time

By awayblog

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Smithsonian Zoo Lights(Smithsonian's National Zoo)
Zoo Lights in the Dark, Washington, DC (Smithsonian National Zoo)

Everyone loves animals, Christmas, and (other people's) kids, so why not combine them all? Teaming up with SCVNGR, a mobile gaming app company, three of the U.S.'s top family destinations have created interactive "treks" for getting the family together this holiday season.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis
The largest children's museum in the world has two family-focused treks for the museum's annual Jolly Days event. The Jolly Days line trek on SCVNGR provides a way for families to have fun and talk about family traditions while standing in line for the famous giant Yule Slide or for a photo with Santa. The Jolly Days Magic Trek provides an interactive way for families to experience the museum's holiday exhibits together. Sample challenges include:

-Every family has their own special traditions when it's cold outside. What's your favorite outdoor tradition you do with your family?

-Holiday movies, TV shows, and songs can also be a part of your family tradition. What songs do you sing or shows do you watch this time of year?

Duration of treks: December 7, 2010 to January 9, 2011

The San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo's Jungle Bells trek on SCVNGR provides a festive way for visitors to experience the zoo's Jungle Bells winter celebration. The trek challenges visitors to search for five bell-shaped "Jungle Bells" and complete the picture challenge on SCVNGR by posting a picture of the bell to the San Diego Zoo Facebook wall or tweeting it to @sandiegozoo to be entered into a drawing to win a pack of four backstage passes to the zoo. The more Jungle Bells found, the better the change of winning. Sample challenges include:

-Did you find Jungle Bell two yet? Be sure to take your picture and post it on our facebook wall or tweet it to us. You're one step closer to those backstage passes!

-Congratulations, you found Jungle Bell three! Look for Jungle Bell four near Treehouse Cafe where our Blitzen Light Experience takes place.

Duration of trek: December 11, 2010 to January 2, 2011

Smithsonian National Zoo
The "A Conservation Carol" trek on SCVNGR provides visitors of the Smithsonian National Zoo with a fun, interactive way to learn about conservation while traveling through the free ZooLights night exhibit this December. Players meet the Goats of ZooLights past, present, and future as they complete challenges that remind them of the spirit of conservation.

Duration of trek: December 17 to December 30, 2010 (with exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

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