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April 05, 2011

Top Five Attractions Along the Royal Wedding Procession Route

Crown of westminster abbey(adKinn,flickr)
The ornate crown of the Westminster Abbey, London, England (adKinn\Flickr)

If you have been watching the news, and even if it is not celebrity news, you know that there is a really big wedding coming up. It is most certainly the wedding of the year, if not the wedding of the decade. There are doom-day countdowns, guest-list speculation, bets on the dress designer, and newly minted commemorative coins. Of course, I am talking about the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton that is to take place April 29, 2011.

Planning a visit to London in hopes of spotting Miss Middleton? Many residents and property owners are renting out their windows, decks, roofs, porches, and balconies to people willing to pay the price for a prime viewing spot. But a glimpse at the happy couple will not come cheap. We suggest skipping the Abbey and moving on down the road a bit, throwing some elbows along the route of the royal procession where the motorcade will pass post-ceremony. After the crowds clear, here are the top five attractions the Royal Procession will pass.

Buckingham Palace
The procession will begin and ultimately end at Buckingham Palace, which has been the home of Britain's royal family since 1837. It is one of the last working royal palaces in the world. Containing 775 rooms and covering 828,818 square feet (including the central quadrangle), the palace is open to visitors only a few weeks each year.
Buckingham Palace Travel Guide

Clarence House
The Clarence House is the official residence of the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, and currently Prince William. From 1953 to 2002 it was also the home of Queen Elizabeth. The Clarence House is open to the public between August and October each year.

Downing Street
Downing Street might be considered the most famous address in Britain. For more than 200 years, many senior ministers of the British Cabinet have resided on this street. Built in the 1680s by Sir George Downing, Downing Street is a few minutes' walk from the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

Houses of Parliament
The House of Commons and the House of Lords make up the Houses of Parliament. These legislative bodies have ultimate power over all other political bodies in the U.K. The Crown, Queen Elizabeth II, is at the head. Also known as the Palace of Westminster, Parliament is open to visitors to attend debates or watch committee hearings. You can also tour the building or climb the famous Big Ben Clock Tower.

Westminster Abbey
Founded in 960, the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster is where Prince William and Kate Middleton will exchange vows. The Abbey (as it is popularly known) is the final resting place of 17 monarchs and can be visited Monday through Saturday all throughout the year.
Westminster Abbey Photo Gallery

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Would have loved to have gone inside Buckingham Palace but didn't realize it was open the public some of the year. Took lots of cool pics outside. Will have to check out the guide. Maybe next time.

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