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April 22, 2011

Canada Zip Lining: A Different Kind of Flying

Zip line
(Lisa Costantini)

Any time you can call something "the only one," you know it's special. Like the Taj Mahal in India or Buckingham Palace in London. Well, Canada is no different.

Located in the Horseshoe Resort in Ontario is North America's only zip flyer. Zip flying is different from zip lining in that it's the lazy man's option: All you have to do is sit your butt in the harnessed seat and hold on. How great is that? The rider plummets, in the safest way possible, from the top of the hill all the way to the bottom with only the help of gravity (and of course the pulley system above).

Horseshoe Valley's adrenaline-filled zip flyer opened in July of last year and is in operation year-round. It's an hours drive north of Toronto in a town called Barrie. With speeds reaching upwards of 25 mph, the line knifes a path 2,075 feet through the trees, down the valley, and finishes with a jolting stop next to a tubing hill (open only in the wintertime).

If you do go in the winter, not only is this a great place to learn how to ski/snowboard, but the zip flyer is an ideal place to get some pointers from the riders as you zoom by above them. Have a safe flight.

Lisa Costantini is a writer/editor currently traveling the world with her husband working on a project about sport and culture. More information can be found on their website at Lisa will be blogging from the road for us as she and her husband travel through Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe over the next several months.

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There is a zip ride at Wildcat mountain in the white mountains national forest in new hampshire. So this is not the only zip ride in north america.

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