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August 18, 2011

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Options

(courtesy Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Bureau)

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and when it comes to bachelor parties, most of it probably should. But there are plenty of options in Las Vegas for bachelor parties that won't burn a hole in your wallet (or your sense of self-worth). 

I recently attended an old friend's marital send-off in Sin City and, at first, was totally against it. I wanted to go whitewater rafting in West Virginia instead, spending some days out on the river doing man-things like chopping wood and heckling day-trippers from Philadelphia. But popular favor among the other attendees wound us up at Planet Hollywood, and I was shocked to come back with a few stories I could share in pleasant company. Here are some ideas for fun-yet-innocuous things to do in Vegas. After all, you'll need something to tell the fiancé when you get back, right?'s Las Vegas Travel Guide

1. A Guy's Gotta Eat
For all its reputation as a desert outpost, many of the world's best chefs have joints in Las Vegas, and nothing makes a bachelor feel more like a VIP than strolling into a fine restaurant, sitting in the corner booth, and ordering his fill of steak. We hit up Craftsteak at the MGM Grand, run by New York celebrity-chef Tom Colicchio. It wasn't cheap (we each got the $115 "we pay, you fill the table with steak and vegetables" prix fixe), but there was more meat on the table than... well, it was a lot of meat. 

2. Shoot Guns
With so much desert around, I guess it makes sense that Vegas would be home to several firing ranges, where you can fire off M-60s, AKs, and Desert Eagles, as well as pose for funny pictures with heavy artillery that your future mother-in-law will use against you someday. We woke up too late to make this happen, and opted to hang out at the pool at Planet Hollywood instead, which is another good, low-key option. You're in Vegas; you're allowed to bail. 

3. Ride the Rollercoasters
Yes, you will have to walk through what feels like a casino designed for children at the New York, New York casino. Yes, you will be in line with every eight- to 14-year-old whose parents made the ill-advised decision to take a Las Vegas family vacation. But, especially for bachelors and guests who are new to Las Vegas, this half-hour side trip brings the best views of Vegas in all its gaudy glory. Buy the family pack for you and your buddies and you'll even get a free souvenir picture. "See, honey? Here's proof we didn't spend every waking moment at the tables!"'s Las Vegas Photo Gallery

Not into Vegas? Check out our Top Ten Bachelor Party Destinations for more ideas.

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thanks for a nice article very helpful to us I enjoy reading your posts.

C'mon, Pete!

Do you REALLY think that these young men are going to Vegas for a STEAK?

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