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June 01, 2012

Interview with National Parks Photo Contest Winner, Hernan Mojarro

31494_yellowstone2-1_yellowstone lake
Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park (Hernan Mojarro)

Throughout the month of April, we asked readers of and to submit their most inspirational national park photos. They responded with hundreds of amazing photos that made us want to pack our backpack and head out to catch a glimpse of these beautiful scenes.

Our first place winner was Hernan Mojarro with his amazing photo of Yellowstone Lake (above). So after seeing this photo, we decided to do a mini-interview with Hernan to learn a little more about the man behind the camera.

Away: Where you are from?
Hernan: Born, raised, and live in Los Angeles, California

Away: Favorite place you have been?
Hernan: Yellowstone National Park has been my favorite visit so far--the close encounters with wildlife, the size of Yellowstone, and the different terrain throughout the park make it feel like you are visiting many parks in one trip.

Away: What destination(s) are on your life list?
Hernan: Machu Picchu, The Great Wall, Rome

Away: What's your number one travel essential?
Hernan: Photography Gear

Away: What's your favorite place to photograph/visit?
Hernan: Yosemite National Park has been my favorite to photograph; even though I have been there over a dozen times, it is never the same. There are many trails to hike and so much to photograph.

Away: What's your favorite airline?
Hernan: Southwest Airlines

Away: What's the craziest thing that has happened to you while traveling?
Hernan: The craziest time was a few years back when I traveled with a friend to Arches National Park, Utah, during the winter. We did not have the proper footwear, but we were determined to reach the Double Arches for a quick photograph. I will admit that I fell many times from the ice-covered trail.  Shortly after passing Devil's Backbone, we attempted to climb our last boulder to round the trail when my friend lost her footing on the iced surface and began to slide off the boulder, which led to a drop of over 1,000 feet. I immediately reached to assist and began to slide as well. However, thanks to the camcorder around my neck, I was able to grip to the boulder with the plastic housing of the camcorder that was pressed against the boulder and my chest. I still own the camcorder with the scratches that saved our lives. Now I make sure that I am wearing the proper gear when hiking.

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Hi Andrew,
Our second place winner was Jiné Andreozzi with a photo of Yosemite Valley and our third place winner was Andrew Jones with a photo of Antelope Slot Canyon. We hope to create photo galleries of the runner-up photos soon!

Beautiful shot. Where can we see the runners up photos? Thanks.

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