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October 29, 2012

Our Favorite Travel Signage from the Wide (and Wacky) World of Travel

We know we're lucky here at Away Blog Central to live and breathe travel, but let's face it, it's not all play and no work around here. However, today we were in need of a little mental vacation, so we let our mouse do some walking to find a handful of travel signs around the world that interest, amuse, and inspire us. We'll let the pictures do the talking (along with a bit of editorializing).

Beautiful beach in Bermuda... but shouldn't someone tell that guy what it says on the sign? (Andrew Currie/Flickr)

Ah, the venerable curio shop. Besides, what's wrong with a bit of antiquity looting to drum up some tourist dollars? (Asiatic League/Flickr)

Taken just outside of Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica shows why it's the king of ecoutourism and wild adventure. (marissa-strniste/Flickr)

Just coz it's the home of golf doesn't mean everyone passing Scotland's Dornoch Golf Club couldn't use a little "forewarning." (twicepic/Flickr)

This sign from Jordan seems to suggest the much-loved, official tourist shakedown awaits. (sandyseek/Flickr)

Who doesn't love the Japanese penchant for cute animal-filled signage with helpful public service messaging? (Paul Keller/Flickr)

Sidewalk sign in Seoul, South Korea, that makes us want to get our walking shoes on! (m-louis/Flickr)

Last but not least, our favorite sign in the world of travel—the airport departures board, free of delays! Bon voyage! (YoAmes/Flickr)

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