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Cambodia Travel

October 06, 2010

Cambodia: Jewel in the Rough

Independence_Beach_Sihanoukville(Wikipedia) Independence Beach, Sihanoukville (Wikipedia)

Large groups of tourists typically make my travel destinations feel completely unoriginal. On a recent trip to Cambodia, my husband and I couldn't pass on visiting the striking Angkor Wat temples, even though we had to work to keep the oblivious masses out of our photos. But when it comes to the rest of Cambodia, now just may be the best time to see it before the rest of the world catches on to its charms.

As the country is still licking its wounds from a tough time in recent history—rent the 1984 movie based on a true story, The Killing Fields, to learn more—it is just now opening to the outside world. And tourism will be its next big thing.

The beach town of Sihanoukville is a tourist destination in waiting. It has all the natural elements of the big resorts of Thailand and Malaysia, but lack of development gives it its raw charm. The warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, tropical sun, pearly white beaches, coral reefs, and fresh seafood await.

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