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Cheap Trip Ideas

August 29, 2011

See Migrating Whale Sharks—At a Discount

The big migration: A whale shark as it passes through the waters off Cancun (Villa del Parmar)

Villa del Palmar Cancun just announced a $500 reduction in their annual Whale Shark Adventure Package, which runs through this September.  For $1,598, you get five days and four nights at this plush resort, along with easy access to the migrating whale sharks. Personally, we think swimming with those massive fish is reason enough to drop everything and head south. But the resort sweetens the deal with a cache of other options, like two 50-minute massages, round-trip airport transfers, use of all non-motorized water and land toys, and more. All meals, snacks, and premium-brand alcoholic beverages are covered, and up to two children under 12 stay and eat for free when with their parents.

Editor's Note: An earlier draft referred to whale sharks as "mammals". They are, in fact, fish; their name refers to their massive size.  Thanks to ND Buffington

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June 17, 2011

Stay in NYC for $20 a Night

By Kate Chandler

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Times Square, New York City (Medio Images)

A trip to New York City just got a whole lot cheaper, if you're willing to pitch a tent. The National Park Service is creating new campsites at Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field, a former airport once used by Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes. The field, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, currently hosts five campsites, with 47 more expected in the next few weeks. Over the next two years, the park service will build a total of 90 sites, creating America's largest urban park campground. The sites are $20 per night, and online booking at will be available by July 4th weekend. Besides touring the Big Apple, campers can also take advantage of fishing, hiking, biking, and kayaking in the park, with swimming and beaches available at nearby Jacob Riis Park.'s Travel Guide to New York City

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May 27, 2010

Tips for Taking a Road Trip

Road tripping
Classic Road Trip: Monument Valley (Jeremy Woodhouse/Photodisc/Getty)

With summer comes the triumphant return of the Great American Road Trip. From all-in-the-family everything-and-the-kitchen-sink cross-country journeys to connect-the-dot national park jaunts to an extended weekend to the nearest beach, the love of the open road never really goes out of style. But the hassles of the road can make things a bit more trying.

In an effort to help alleviate the road-weariness, experts at the Ford Motor Company have culled together some great travel tips to make the pesky details less a hassle.

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